0:00:03: It is the middle ground between light and shadow between science and superstition and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge.
0:00:14: This is Time Enough podcast.
0:00:39: Welcome to Time Enough podcast. It's where we dive deep into all the episodes of the Twilight Zone and beyond.
0:00:48: This is Matt here, there's Andrew. Hi. Hi. This is a good episode for you to be on the shelter as we grew up across the street from each other. Although neither has had a shelter. I didn't have a basement though. We had, we actually, you could crawl under our house so you can, yeah, you can crawl under our house too. But that's not a basement. No, in a storage room. That's about as I don't remember ever having to like go down to the bottom of the house because there's some inclement weather. You know what I mean?
0:01:20: For some reason, I just, I think we just successfully dodged everything, I guess. I guess you didn't technically have a basement because it was a split level. So it was, yeah, it was split level. So, yeah, I would have, I guess we'd have all gone to the storage room just because of the amount of motorcycle parts that were in there. Get yourself under this, uh, get yourself under these handlebars. And you know, so we have those newfangled one level houses that is Marty, the one complaining about the newfangled one ranch houses that don't have basements.
0:01:54: And he's like I told y'all didn't listen to me, But when I made everybody tenfold hats for Christmas, Nobody Wanted one.
0:02:03: I remember when we had a couple of tornado warnings or whatever. Um, we would always go into that if you remember my house, uh, the central bathroom that had no windows. Yeah, that, that was the spot to go to the, go to spot.
0:02:18: So it was like right, right across from your room. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then as a child during a thunderstorm, I would just like hang out in that hallway. Not because the thunderstorm is dangerous just because I thought the lightning was scary. Lightning is scary.
0:02:31: I mean, it can kill people. Yeah. Turn your hair white, all that other stuff. Oh God, that guy, that's what I'll always think of how many times you've been hit by like that movie? The Great Outdoors that guy's in. Yeah, I would never remember until you brought up. But yes, I think that's correct. And I haven't seen it for forever. But yeah, I just remember he eats the, was it the cow horse testicles or whatever? Yeah. Yeah.
0:02:58: And the, what's the steak? The steak is good too. Yeah.
0:03:03: 96, here, I was gonna say 69, but that's not, I was like, pretty sure that's not the case. Yeah. 96. That just flips the number. So that's what I found out what gristle was because, you know, he's, he finishes and they're like you, he's like, of course, I'm finished. There's nothing there. But was it like fat and Gristle?
0:03:26: So he has to finish anything? Put me off. I still don't want steak. Like I still to this day you should, you should do the Japanese version. You rarely get fat or Gristle. I mean, it's a little thin slices, right? But oh no, thin steak I've had and flank steak. I've had. Yeah, but no, forget about it. That that whole thing was a tangent for your Korean barbecue a few days ago. Yeah, this is the episode, man. We're tangent in the episode. So I guess I'll start doing the trivia.
0:03:55: Original air date was September 29, And the script is a Rod serling joint.
0:04:01: Lamont Johnson directed this in eight episodes of the Twilight Zone. All in all. He won Emmys for his work on 1985. Wallenberg a hero's story in 1988. Lincoln Johnson also has accreditation as an actor, especially on radio where he voiced Tarzan, our shelter builder, Dr Bill Stockton was played by Larry Gates. He was H B Lewis on daytime television's the guiding light and appeared in films like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and in the heat of the night, the latter of which he gets into a slap fight with Sidney Poitier.
0:04:39: Jerry Harlow was played by Jack Albertson. He had a prolific career on television, but if you recognize his face, it's likely from his turns as Grandpa Joe and Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory or as Manny Rosen in the Poseidon Adventure.
0:04:55: There's a lot of people here. I've got a few more, a lot of actors in this one.
0:04:58: Actor, Sandy Kenyon may have not canceled himself here, but his character Frank Henderson certainly did In this episode, we saw him before in the Odyssey of Flight 33 where he played the Navigator Magellan. He'd later show up on knots landing.
0:05:16: Grace Stockton was played by Peggy Stewart. She had a few, she had a contract with republic in the 1940s appearing in a ton of Westerns, including a few spots as gene Autry's lead.
0:05:28: Though, she basically had retired by the 1970s. She'd make a much later appearance as Pam's grandmother in a couple episodes of the office, the American one for people that users throughout about the U K. When after you mentioned the office, finally, Joseph Bernard was Marty Weiss.
0:05:48: Bernard was an actual World War Two, then did plays about World War Two and ultimately showed up in the film judgment at Nuremberg he also appeared in John Sturgis is Ice Station Zebra and pivoted to directing on the Flying Nun. Of course, the Trekking Me cannot leave out his appearance as Tark in the Star Trek episode, Wolf in the Fold.
0:06:09: Though I should probably mention that's one of the few Star Trek episodes that I've never made it through. In the nineties. He collaborated with his son Sam on the script of Sam's film Payback Payback, But that's not the Mel Gibson one or whatever. It's a different payback with a C Thomas Howell or something.
0:06:28: Yeah, I didn't see that. No, I didn't either because I was thinking that was the, was Mel Gibson in Payback, right?
0:06:39: If someone's going like, what Mel Gibson movie, would you want to watch that? That would be in the top? Okay, because that's what I thought when I saw it. But then it was like 1995, I was like, that feels too early, right? And it is too early because it's a different movie.
0:06:51: Oh, I should not quite a correction but um just, just, I ate a bit of my own crow last week talking about um Montgomery Pittman was like, oh, he just came out of nowhere and wrote and directed an episode. You know, he will be, will do that like five more times in the Twilight zone and he already directed Will The Real Martian, please stand up, but he didn't write it. So I didn't pick up on it when we did that episode, but we did because I recorded two and I was like, hey, where's this guy come from? From? You know, he's just like usurping himself right here now. Um But he's not like one of the main writers on the show, but he actually has more contributions than I gave him credit for. So, but he's not in this episode.
0:07:36: So I guess I should shut up. That's, that's talking about last week's. No, I was just, I was the guy yelling into the camera, the camera, the phone with my, my phone is a camera and podcast player. So I was the guy yelling at it listening to that episode, listening to myself.
0:07:51: They do acknowledge that though.
0:07:54: I will give you a prologue to read.
0:07:58: Okay.
0:08:03: All right. Are we ready?
0:08:06: I'm not ready to dry my teeth out.
0:08:11: So we gotta, we gotta fishing size things where you can do that while I'm doing the trivia, right?
0:08:17: What you're about to watch is a nightmare.
0:08:21: It's not meant to be prophetic.
0:08:23: It need not happen.
0:08:25: It's the fervent and urgent prayer, all men of goodwill that it never shall happen.
0:08:30: But in this place in this moment, it does happen because this is the Twilight Zone bitch.
0:08:38: All right.
0:08:40: So I guess we have to think about what we would do if the missiles were on the way, the TV, tells us the missiles are on the way. I feel like I get some, maybe you do too, but some geographical um uh a geographical loophole because I live in the mountains of Nagano. World War Two didn't even make it here. There are about to move the emperor and the government here because uh you know, it's in the middle of the mountains, right? So, I mean, you could launch an I C B M here for sure. But even then I'm not gonna say it's 50 kilometers away. But, yeah, and I remember a few years ago when North Korea was first doing its I C B M test launches, one of my coworkers was like, going insane looking at blast zones and stuff like, on the internet, like, whatever you're bombed.
0:09:25: And I was like, uh, I mean, I thought it was interesting at first I was like, oh, that's interesting. But he was, like, actually concerned. Right. So, but what, but when you, when you look at someone that's like that though, aren't there sort of kind of red flags before they start becoming obsessed, you know? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He, he would always go on about building his homemade catapult and stuff, which I don't think he did, but maybe he did if he did good for him. But I guess he is the guy that ultimately builds the shelter.
0:09:54: That's what I mean. You know, uh, they not to jump too far ahead but, you know, the whole thing is like, oh, well, we really learned a lot about each other and, like, come on, did you, if you all know each other even a little, forget that, forget that. Um, we don't, We don't live in the times of that unless you have a lot of money where everybody knows everybody in the neighborhood and everybody's, you know, friends and getting together and having these dinner parties and stuff like that. I don't, I just don't, I mean, I can't even tell you the name of anyone. And I've lived here like, Oh, Gosh, since 2004 I think was when we bought this house, I have no idea who my neighbors are. If there was an incident, like what is happening here.
0:10:40: Um, I hate to see this but most of them, I would hope that they would be directly hit by that bomb.
0:10:49: I'm thinking about my neighbors here. Of course, I got the language gap too because the Japanese know there's a language gap here too. I'm, we're talking about like redneck dirtbags in somebody's place bought up by a slumlord. Most. They were all like, you know, people were all homeowners here when at first, when the neighborhood was first built, built brand new around that time. And so, um, everybody in their own home, but a lot of people lost theirs, You know, because a few years later was 2008, You know, that. And so the mortgage crisis and so, yeah, Slumlord bought up a lot of the houses and just rents them to absolutely anyone.
0:11:29: Yeah, I guess when we see this kind of a suburb in 1961 like to us we're like, Oh, it's just what a whatever suburb but it is a little more affluent of the time. It's newly built, you know, you, I guess you would have to have a white collar job and be white to move in that in 1961. So, I mean, I mean, marty. Marty is the other because he's a jew. You know, I know, man, I mean, it's, it's one of those, um, you know, not quite as, not quite to the level of monsters are due on Maple Street, you know, which classically covers similar ground. But, um, just having a quick burst of everybody showing their true colors.
0:12:15: I think it's just as relevant now as maybe, you know, maybe it was back then because I think back then people were scared and rightly so of the nuclear bomb. Yeah, I mean, I know what a few of my neighbors are up to, uh, the people next door, they have a son about Hannah's age that they go to different schools. Um, it's, I think the guy works construction. The only complaint I would have is he likes to smoke on his front porch and in the summer my windows open and I get to smell all of the smoke.
0:12:44: So that, you know, but that's not like a major complaint, you know. Um, and then two doors down as a piano teacher. I don't, I can't, I only have a melon picture what she looks like. I just know what I hear. Piano coming out there a lot too. So that reminds you. But, yeah, I mean, I don't really know neighbors but you're fairly certain that are, you, you at least are fairly certain that they wouldn't come busting your doors down and murder you for your beef jerky. Yeah, we don't have any scumbags for sure on the street. But call it dirt bag because I want anyway, it seems better fitting because I have in my life known people who refer themselves as redneck but it's more of a culture rather than a racist, good old boy kind of thing, which I always thought that's what it was.
0:13:33: But we just have weirdo geese on weird old men, you know. Um, there was a headline rednecks of different, uh, different races and stuff like that. There was a headline because, you know, I mean, there's horrible incidents in Japan but I guess there's not so many. So they make like the headline news, right? So the headline maybe, and maybe not the top, but like, headline number two or three was 93 year old man. Hammers his 78 year old neighbor to death.
0:14:07: So the 93 year old just came over and hammered is has also not quite as old but also very old neighbor to death. I'm like that. That's, that's pretty wild. I feel like we don't hear that news in the states much. No. And plus it's like alright, so is presumably the other neighbor also lives alone. Yeah, I think they both lived alone if I remember correctly. You know, when you're up, when you're up to that age and your neighbors and you got your near the end of your life and you only have a few years left.
0:14:41: Well, I was gonna say it's either that or marry them. Right.
0:14:46: Yeah. Yeah. I'm sorry, I'm sitting here seeing if I can find the article, you know, make sure I'm not misquoting.
0:14:52: I think there's more to it. I think they did date and it just didn't go. Well, this is a weird 1, 87 year old men held for carrying knife with intent to commit suicide. That's, that's the second headline on the crime news. So there's not a whole lot going on. Oh, I don't want to read that. Okay. Here's a few headlines I don't want to read because they're not funny.
0:15:11: Um, and I mean, it's not funny, I guess hammering someone's death isn't actually funny. But, uh, I mean, if you think about using M C Hammer to kill somebody, it is okay. That's cool. Yeah, I'll give you that we're hammer in the, like, maybe the sexual term maybe, you know. Oh, I've already thought about that several times in this conversation just getting them so drunk that they die.
0:15:36: But, yeah, I, I guess, but what do you do? You know if, uh, again I'm thinking, what would I actually do if they were, like, the train station next to me is the target. Now, I'm like, I guess there's nothing to do. Yeah. There's a mountain and the mountain's won't really help. It's a nuke. So, yeah, I guess you're pretty much screwed. Uh, we don't have, like, fallout shelters in the schools and stuff here, you know? I guess America doesn't have so many. Oh, that wasn't in my trivia, but this episode did come out in a year where, um, I think it's in the spring is when Khrushchev basically, uh, made, uh, if you don't, like, get out of these areas or whatever, we're gonna, you know, start sending the nukes over A few weeks later, Kennedy, you know, gave him the finger in a speech basically.
0:16:23: And, uh, in the summer that year is when the big to do about fallout shelters, especially in schools happened. So, I guess at this point because I was like, well, you go to the school and the fallout shelter but in 1961 was actually slightly too early for that seat.
0:16:39: Uh, yeah, a year later they technically have the same shelter but it now fits 100 people, you know. Yeah, I think it was probably at least something that, maybe no one had been talking about before that were suddenly just, even in the age of the bomb were starting to be part of a conversation, if not like an immediate fear.
0:17:01: Yeah. And, and the Japanese emergency that's in a lot of places is to go to the elementary school or, I guess the high school, whatever and go into the yard, you know, like the field, like, not inside because, um, that's usually it's an earthquake or something. Right. So, you don't want to be around things that can fall on your head at that point.
0:17:20: So, I don't have a plan, I don't have a plan for it. I don't have any weapons in my home. Uh, nothing like that. And so, um, it would be like the purge but I think it would be the purge. I was waiting for it during COVID, you know?
0:17:39: Oh, yeah, there's one miracle mile. That's a, that's a class that's kind of when you can compare to this one because it's the same situation. Different stuff happens. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I do like the shelter for, I mean, for a few reasons I didn't have time to rewatch it because I think we moved up from when we were going to talk about it or something like that. But it's also just one of my favorites to watch anyway because there's, there's no, um, it's not really science fiction, you know, this has no supernatural because the, um, uh, what's that street? Maple Street had the aliens at the end, which didn't really need to be there. But, yeah, you know, it had like, kind of lights going out at weird times.
0:18:25: It had a little bit of a supernatural element. Whereas this one, nope, nothing at all. The dude just build a shelter. Yeah, he had that and I just, I just loved the little things that happened because, you know, obviously everybody's like, I've got a baby let me into the shelter and he's like, you know, are you bringing your own air because we only got enough air for three years. This thing is a closet, you know, and uh opened up a box of those uh those um carriers from spaceballs at that point.
0:18:55: We see that you've got spaceballs, the air like let us in. And so there is um I mean, anything that's got like neighbor against neighbor to me is interesting because we are in the most like divided time I can ever remember in terms of like, yeah, there's neighbors of mine that I'm just afraid will shoot me, you know, because their whole culture is like America. There's one that has a Confederate flag outside of it.
0:19:24: Um there is one, there was one during the 2020 election that just put there, there were Trump signs um all over their cars, a flags on their, on their windows and they put one American flag or a Trump flag?
0:19:46: No, both. Okay. And they had, was like, was it a red background with like a smiling black and white Trump at the center? That's what I want. The Trump flag you got in mind as well. Right. But yeah, they had the one, they also started, they tried putting up campaign signs in the neighborhood which I of course, threw in the garbage and it became this weird war between us because they then started making handmade ones and drilling them into trees, presumably that I couldn't take down. But I have a ladder and a drill. So I did, um, but I was like, what's to stop them from? You know, because, you know, I assume they've all got ammo stockades in their house of bazookas and whatever else.
0:20:32: I just like, what is it, what's to stop them from just picking me off? You know what I mean? That's kind of where we're at. And so I like the shelter because, um, it just shows that everybody turn on a dime and they're moments away from really, like you think? Okay. Well, cannibalism, uh, you know, let's, let's not even wait, let's just, you know, let's start chewing each other's arms off. There's a scene where they burst in, through the, through the shelter door. It's like night of the living dead, you know, which came years later. And so there's just a whole lot of it that I think still works really well. But the fact that neither living dead had zombies. So this has just human versus human.
0:21:18: I think it, it plays really well now, probably more so than it would have when, as a kid, when I saw it, I remember you were never particularly a Simpsons guy, but they did a pretty good Halloween version of this episode with Ned and I think it's Ned Flanders has the shelter and you got Homer Simpson trying to, you know, Bludgeon his way in that. It's been a while since I've seen it, but it was quite good. The Simpsons has several very good Twilight zone reduce.
0:21:43: Well, sure. I mean, they've, What is it, a 20 some odd minutes show? Just like twilight zone. Well, this would be the Halloween one. So, like 10 minutes. So, you know, they got a good one for the shining. So that, that Maybe they're still good at it. I don't know anyone that has watched that show since 2007 or so when the movie came out. Oh, God, I went to see the movie but having not seen the show since it was new when I was a kid. I do have a friend that is a major Simpson fan and so she watches it all the time. Like new episodes. Yeah. Okay, because I've had the question for years, like, who's watching this?
0:22:18: I can tell you okay, because we all love it so much. In the nineties. Right. I mean, you know, like, like, well, they don't make the twilight zone now, especially not the original show. Right. But, yeah, I mean, we know people are watching this still but, yeah, I guess people are watching Classic Symptoms. Sure. Um, they say at the end it's not missiles, they say it's satellite. So I'm like, that. Could, I wonder if that was still, like, basically an attack, you know, like a Psyop, sort of like a real Psyop, you know, not, not like the conspiracy theory, but the Soviets were like, well, let's not, let's not start Armageddon quite yet and just make everyone tear themselves apart with our satellites, you know, because, you know, you know, it would look like missiles coming in. So, you know, people are gonna flip out and this is, this is like, it's almost like this is like a Soviet educational film or something, right?
0:23:06: Like, like the Jack Warner one where they show you the town that the Soviets built Red nightmare. That's it.
0:23:14: Yeah. God. Yeah. No, it, um, I mean, it does provoke conversation and it does provoke thought, which is what any good Twilight Zone episode will do.
0:23:27: Hold on.
0:23:31: We thought it sounded coherent. That's, is that, which was, you bet what you were getting at?
0:23:36: You hear the dog?
0:23:39: I do not hear the dog.
0:23:41: Excellent. I'll continue.
0:23:44: Okay. That's our edit point. Then it does. What any good Twilight Zone episode? Will do which is provoke thought and conversation. Um But thinking about the way the neighbors not only band together to turn on the guy with the shelter, but also the way that the neighbors turn on each other, which is, you mentioned it a little bit earlier about the guy who is Jewish and his family. He's got a, I guess they're the one with the baby, right?
0:24:19: Yeah.
0:24:20: And so he's, uh, he's pounding his hand on the door trying to get in at one point. He says, you know, even if you, okay, so what if you're the one that lives through this, you're gonna live the rest of your life with blood on your hands? He also says, aren't you a doctor? Right? Or something like this? He's like, I thought you were supposed to help people, you know, in your profession or whatever because it starts out. Yeah, it starts out there having a birthday party for this old man doctor. I'm sure he's retired or something. But I mean, you can't, you kind of see Marty's side? I mean, that's the thing, don't just put yourself in the position of, um, the doctor but also of okay. So what if you did have a brand new day? I thought about a lot of people, um, who became pregnant were recently gave birth, gave birth during those first few months of COVID.
0:25:11: How much, much more afraid they were than those of us who had kids that could feed themselves and make phone calls and do these kinds of things. Uh, I don't know how, I mean, you're already scared when you have a brand new baby and, uh, I just can't imagine what that would have been like. So I thought about, well, what would I do if I was Marty, you know, or what would I have done? I definitely would not have punched someone out though because I was xenophobic, which is something that reared its head, you know. Yeah, I was going to say like, I mean, the shorthand is like none of these people can handle each other anymore and they all need to move to different neighborhoods. But I'm like, I don't know, I think Marty could probably repair his relationship with the doctor somewhat, you know, it's, is it Frank who basically goes full nuts oid?
0:26:02: I mean, he burns every bridge.
0:26:06: So, I mean, right. Oh my God for me, I mean, there's visual moments and things like that. There's a few things that really stand out and keep in mind. I haven't watched that. I watched it just back in New Years, which wasn't that long ago. But um there's a few images there that really kind of get to me. One of them is when they're doing this, they've all got this battering ram instead of because the doctor keeps going, y'all need to quit bothering me and trying to get in here and go you know that he's not like, oh, get out of here. I hate you all, you suck, leave me alone. He's all telling him you're wasting time right now. You'll get it, get in your house, get somewhere, you know, you can't fit in here. But I'm telling you don't do this like you need to go. He actually does care about those people.
0:26:53: He's trying to give them solid advice, but they're just what you say. I mean, they've gone bananas, right? And so the image that really sticks with me is at one point they kind of all around the corner and it's these, not just these men but it's their wives and their kids.
0:27:10: They're all like learning and seeing this stuff, you know. Yeah.
0:27:15: Right.
0:27:17: No. No. Yeah. But still like that to me. Do you remember? Well, maybe not because you're in Japan and the United States. Um We at one point had these like election denier things that just refused to believe that Trump did not win a second election. He just was not going to have a second term.
0:27:39: And there was this image that came out of this suburban couple in this well to do neighborhood that the husband and, or the wife just was outside with machine guns. When there was some kind of protest going, you're actually conflating things a little bit. I do remember that they were, that was the George Floyd. That was okay. I mean, same, same idea. But the election thing, um, that was the, that was people showing up with at the, at the Capitol. Right. So, like World War Z.
0:28:14: And so, you know, you just, I think about those things when I think about just how, like, all right, well, you know, uh, Ozzie and Harriet next door, why does Andrew think they might just turn around, blow his head off? Well, okay, look too many times.
0:28:34: Yeah. Yeah, I know. They can, they can definitely, I just think Twilight Zone sometimes really likes to, like, pick the rock up and look underneath, you know what I mean? And, um, it's showing us our own animal nature, which I think even I look, I don't have the speech committed to memory at the end of the dock gives when they're like, oh, sorry. You know, it was just a shooting star. It was, it was satellite, right? And everybody's like, oh, oh, but at that point they busted the thing open and they're all like, sweaty. They've already the guy I think has punched the Jew right in the face and then, and then there's this moment that's the best moment. The whole thing where they're just standing there like, hey, yo, you know, I was just playing when I punched in the face for being Jewish.
0:29:24: Right? Is cool. Right. Doc is like, we'll just have beers tomorrow we'll just be laughing about and the way they have it's a single shot because you see everybody's faces. I think it's really important and the doc as at one point walks through them and they're behind him and we're seeing his faces, they're all like trying to, you know, save face.
0:29:48: And I do have the closing narration. It's not his speech, but I could try doing my own for once. And we'll just, there's some in the, in the closing speech. He does, he does say something like how, you know how quickly we are to turn into just animals. Well, I'm just looking, the wiki page were stocked and wonders aloud if they were all destroyed without a bomb dropping. That's it.
0:30:13: That's so great. Like if they were all destroyed, I mean, he's right. Do you see this going? But I know you said earlier, it might actually be a pretty good plan, right? Them. But, but that's the thing though. There are, there are, there are right wing.
0:30:33: I mean, you can't say conservatives anymore because the conservative is there just frightening people, you know, they think people like me are gonna march down the street with guns ready to kill them. Give me a break, dude, show me that receipt.
0:30:48: I did, I did have a great story from the the off mentioned Maddie yesterday where he was telling me, um, we're taking a hike around and going, walking up to the onset. He was like, yeah, I was, I was outside of the and this is maybe this won't make sense to, um, American so much because I feel like the vibe is opposite. But he was outside the station, you know, he'll put a mask on when he gets inside the station. Right.
0:31:14: But there's an old guy turns around, flips out and then just runs away and runs away. The first noise he told me was an exaggeration because he made a really loud noise to the first time he told the story. But, yeah, the guy just kind of like, saw him without a basket, like, ran in the opposite direction.
0:31:37: No, no, it's for real. I mean, here, um, with the mask on which I still do and I probably always will do because it's just a good idea, you know, no matter what's going on because, you know, COVID, forget it, the flu is bad. Um, there's always something going around that's awful, you know? And so, uh, but at the same time and this could just be the, the divide with people how they politicize everything.
0:32:13: I'll be wearing my mask places and people with no mask will, like, walk past me and start pretend coughing.
0:32:21: Yeah. So it's exactly what I just described. Like the opposite situation. Yeah. I mean, I guess the thing in Japan there's no politicization about it really. I mean, there's a cultural thing. There's, there is the cultural, like, oh, this is what we do. So you should do it, right. But it's not like political. Um, the thing that I'm concerned about is most of the women in Japan have realized that they look better with when you can't see the bottom of their face. There's a kanji now for mask. Beautiful, right? So, and, and yet there's been a few times, you know, now that I've been, there's people I've been working with for several years. I don't know what they look like and maybe they're drinking coffee and I'm like, oh my God, that's what you look like.
0:33:02: Somebody that's like, oh go, what was that movie? Where the bottom of his face? It's the William Castle one where you see finally see the bottom of his face and just like this like this has no lips. Remember which movie? It was Mr Sardonic aside, I think is the one oh God, it was terrifying like yo put your mask back on start coughing.
0:33:27: Um Anyway, that, that I guess nobody's, there's a lot of concern in the shelter. So, so nobody's concerned in the shelter about that. But I mean, yeah, obviously the situation ports over. But uh yeah, considering, go ahead.
0:33:42: I was just gonna say, you know, I do after I watch it, I tend to think about not just not necessarily the depressing realities of what that situation would play out with now, which was probably someone would have a gun and it would just, there would be somebody would have died during that five minute scare or whatever it was. But, um, also I think about, I like to think about which is an entertaining thought.
0:34:07: Um, what does happen, you know?
0:34:11: Well, I, I actually didn't write in my notes but, uh, oh, no, I did. I said, well, if anyone was looking for a good time to move, this, is it?
0:34:23: Yeah. I mean, what if they gave the doc a heart attack and he died? Yeah. I mean, I get, maybe the doc gets to stay in his house but the rest of them have been moved in new neighborhoods. So, but, yeah, I mean, again, his Stockton's mistake in the first place was, I guess they said that we could hear you banging your hammer all the time. So I know what he's up to. But if he could have kept that a little more on the down low because they get it, they're like, oh, let's go to the next street like they do in Maple Street and they're like, no, no, no, no, no. Nobody else can know about this. It's already too many people that know about it now. So, you know, that's really, really true. Yeah, I would have definitely, like, done it under the cover of night.
0:35:01: I think he was, he just wasn't, he needed soundproof of shelter. That's one thing for sure.
0:35:08: No. You know, also they're lucky he didn't have guns in there because he'd be like, oh, they were satellites? Cool. Okay. So you'll want to get in there.
0:35:17: I'm gonna need to insist all y'all get in there point his gun at everybody is like, oh no, come on, y'all want in there get in there and then he just hits destruct button.
0:35:29: I don't think you do. You put this destruct button in your shelter? Oh yeah, yeah. When you, when you know that y'all are about to meet your maker. This is a, this is a depressing shelter though. I mean, as I guess it should be but it's no blast from the past shelter. That's the best one. Of course. Now I will ask you this though and ask you, do you because this is one other image I remember. So when, when the doctors giving his speech to all of them, he obviously looks completely flustered but it's in black and white but his face looks red.
0:36:00: Yeah. Do you get that um in black and white? But his face just like you can tell his face was red as hell for some reason, like it's a whole different color from his neck and put red makeup on him. To be honest, I didn't myself, I mean, you know, obviously his, his um his gun, his rage is palatable but hidden, I guess so. Maybe that I can see where that you translate into that pretty easily. I don't know. That's every time I watch it, I always remember even like when I was younger, his face is red black and white but it just, it just looked like he had a red face. But, yeah. No, it, uh, it does make me think about what would I do and, you know, given that, yeah, I don't have a shelter, I don't even have a shelter plan. Definitely. No, I don't have any weapons or anything.
0:36:46: I mean, I'll have to, I got a rubber chicken over now if, if I had like a few hours to play with, um, you know, I could go to that mountain, they were going to move the emperor into. I know where it is.
0:37:02: So, you kind of do have a plan. Well, that's, that it takes a good, at least an hour to get there under good circumstances. So, not really, but I'm just saying I'm near a place not too far from a place where that, that legitimately was the idea. Yeah. Yeah. But, you know, it also shows, you know, you just don't know even people you think, you know, you just really don't ever, like, go on a trip with somebody and find out man, they're a real asshole or like going a long card. Why would somebody be like, you know what? You are, a small doses friend? And this was a huge mistake.
0:37:38: Well, that's, that's where a bunch of divorces end up starting. Right. Yeah. Yeah. What if you would have let everybody inside, you think it would have been any better? Yeah, I, I know, I maybe it's not as pronounced in the States as Japan, but there's a lot of people end up getting divorced, you know, once the man retires and they actually have to start spending time with each other. Know it, hey, there was a guy that I worked with in the newspaper named Pete that he, he retired and, um, he and his wife fought so much that he came back to work.
0:38:15: But the tag on that story is this is how he died.
0:38:21: He was sitting in his easy chair corn his story. His wife just thought he looked like really bad and we knew he had some kind of cancer because he started to get that puffy. Look, people get when they got cancer. And um, you know, we kept saying Pete, you need to go to a doctor man. He was like, I ain't been to the doctor since I got out of the marines in 68. Like, is that right? That's not a fact that would advertise and be proud of uh was like, Pete, why don't you want to go doctor? Because I'm afraid they're gonna tell me something's wrong with me. Oh my God. Okay, dude. That's so hardcore. I don't even know what to do with that. But like, yeah, at a certain point he got looking real bad and, and uh yeah, he said that the story was his wife went over and just looked at him like he looked like he was going to die and he just goes what?
0:39:13: And then he dies.
0:39:15: I don't know. That's, I think that's the way he wanted to go. So sure. It's kind of legendary. But considering that he worked on an urbanite press, it would have been, I guess almost like fate. If it had eaten a mangler style, that would be cool. Just don't get near the mangler. All you need to do is not get near the mangler. That's it.
0:39:38: Come on, don't, don't, don't put your arm in the mangler. No, seriously, like, there's a stop bar, the bar, the stop bar won't stop it. But like, no, you wouldn't want to be involved in the cleanup on that once a bird flew into it, it was, there's a lot more inside a bird than you realize.
0:39:59: That's gross. I'm sorry, looking at this episode again. Um, does anyone go into the Twilight Zone?
0:40:08: Oh, you know, I always tell myself, you know, I always tell myself, think about this man before you go on his show and I never do go to the Twilight Zone.
0:40:21: Um, again, no supernatural element here. No, there's not. But still we have a definite element of massive change. Reality has massively changed for those five minutes and then they have to deal with the, uh, the, yeah, exactly. I mean, they're all at this nice dinner table that later on in the episode when they're running through his house. With a battering ram. They just, without a thought go right through that table where they've been having their birthday party for him. You know, that's another like pay royalties to the birthday song people because this has a full on birthday song at the beginning. Oh, does it? Yeah, it's not some alternate one like it, but they, you know, like the Mickey Mouse one or something. Yeah, like, yeah, you can always tell when you're watching something that was pre uh, the birthday song entering public domain or whatever.
0:41:08: So who goes to the Twilight Zone?
0:41:14: Uh You said you thought Marty probably was able to patch things up with the doctor Frank? Definitely not.
0:41:23: Yeah, he, he fully Twitter canceled himself but in 1961. Yeah, but there's some guys just like Campbell in there right now. That's why I wrote it that way. You know. Exactly. Um, what I'm trying to decide is the group other than the doctor goes to the Twilight Zone. Or does he go with, well, his wife is flipping out about the situation, right? God, she had one ft in the Twilight zone, didn't she? Like there was a part where she was like, what's the point?
0:41:55: Why don't we just, she basically insinuates she should, they should just kill themselves. And then you hear the little boy's voice. Uh, they have a son who's like a 12, 12 because I wrote in my first note, I wrote eight because I'm like an eight year old should know what that Connell Rad warning means. And 12 year old definitely because he's like, I know, I just heard this, I don't know what that means. Yeah. Yeah, I know. But he actually actually remind her because she's been like breaking stuff and just all over the place.
0:42:26: Yeah. Yeah. Oh God. That was remind her that, hey, we got a kid, man. We can't just leave him by himself, you know.
0:42:35: And so maybe it's her.
0:42:39: Okay. How about Frank? Is Frank just a prick? Okay to be president one day. That's what happened.
0:42:48: Yeah, that's another thing I think Marty like, like he's the first one that really tries to get in right the second. Yeah, like, I mean, he's a little out there before him. Yeah. Okay. Anyway, the point is he, I mean he does say several things that are not cool trying to get in, you know, trying to guilt trip him, right? But he pulls back and he does seem to kind of very quickly regret his actions. Frank does to his word just so extreme. You can't just regret them after them walking back the choices. I guess we're kind of talking about who deserves the situation already, but I'll throw the question on the table. Um Frank, I mean, maybe we're on a trajectory.
0:43:36: Frank is fully deserving what happens here because of his actions?
0:43:40: Yeah, I think if nothing else just putting myself in that place and I could be anyone, one of the wives, anybody.
0:43:48: Um, we would never trust Frank again. As a matter of fact, we would never want to speak to Frank again. That's why I'm like, everyone has to move to new neighborhoods now. Yeah. No, definitely. No, there's, yeah, about Stockton then. What is his deserve level? Because he, he thought ahead, he took action his plan until other people show up. His plan is going as it's supposed to know he didn't include other people in his plan, but it is for his family. It's not for him. I mean, again, this is where the timing of when this episode came out was is so interesting because a year or two later the neighborhood does have the fallout shelter due to go to, you know, he's chastised for having like spent money on like a like a modern architecture and presumably lavish parties and things like that instead of like doing what doc considers to be like practical
0:44:49: expenditures or practical planning.
0:44:53: Stockton is a doctor, I think you mean Frank? Yeah. Okay.
0:44:57: Sorry. Is it sometimes it's uh yeah, Stockton's the doc. Okay when you only deal with these people for one episode and it's a different set every week. It does get a little, you know, you gotta double check his name sometimes. No, I was just referring to him as the doctor this whole entire episode. Yeah.
0:45:14: Um So there's one other guy I guess that just, I guess that's the, is that the grandpa Joe role where he's the other family? But we've been talking so much about, um, Frank and Marty. There was one other guy so he seemed like, I guess, I mean, he, he was the first or the last, I forgot the order but he left the least impression. Does that mean he was the most responsible in the situation of the, uh, of the mob?
0:45:44: I mean, one could say that, I guess one can safely say that because we know what we know about everyone else. I mean, he's still got his name on the doctor's poopie list now for sure. But, but yeah, it's, I guess, you know, it's like Frank is like wild. Did you know? I mean, this Frank is right and goes right in with Frank booth almost. Well, Frank has a few other things going on for sure, but you could see that right. But Marty is kind of the emotional plea. It's like you can kind of forgive the emotional plea, you know, because it wasn't logical, of course. But that's what I was saying. Like I had, I gone through something like cupid with a small child. There's no telling the paranoia that I would have had.
0:46:28: Yeah. So I guess Marty doesn't deserve to be stuck in the situation where now he knows that some of his neighbors are racist against him and uh and so on. Yeah. I mean, that party that they're planning, I'm like, who's gonna be there?
0:46:45: He'll be there.
0:46:47: I was like, I'm gonna have under my own party. Uh, but no, you can't come and you can't come. As a matter of fact, I'll kill you if you come.
0:46:56: I know when I leave, I'm pissing in your yard.
0:47:00: Is this neighborhood now worse off. No, the Maple Street one's worse off because when we stayed away from them shooting each other.
0:47:07: Okay. So this is a much lighter, you know? Yeah. But, but I guess we get a lot more just like, you know, with the, the, um, pummeling the door down and punching the dude in the face, I guess it feels more visceral here but they come back from it. I mean, maybe they can't get along at all anymore but they come back from it. Whereas, uh, the Maple Street there, there's, you know, that's, it's gonna be a Battle Royale by the morning, right? It's, I mean, yeah, that's why it's Maple Street. I mean, uh, so it sounds, it sounds like we're, I mean, do we, do we maybe want to just agree that it was that last guy, the one we know the least about or do we want to say it's, it's frank life is forever screwed.
0:47:54: I would imagine.
0:47:57: I would be comfortable seeing him.
0:48:00: Oh, right, for sure. And he's, yeah, let's triple meter it. Where do you want to go on? The trip, a meter for this one? Oh, my gosh.
0:48:11: I mean, the ending is pretty well telegraphed.
0:48:14: If you've seen Twilight Zone you kind of know that they're not all gonna, I mean, you think, okay, somebody could die, you know? But most of it, most, I think the ending is telegraphed just a little bit. I don't think anyone feels they're actually in danger or if it is, you know what I mean? Um, but because like you said, there is no aliens, there's no, nothing, um, weird about it. Uh, you used a better word. What the heck, supernatural?
0:48:45: Um, I don't really, I think it would be low for me because very realistic. Okay, low, like zero, low, like one.
0:48:57: Yeah, this is maybe the lowest on the trip for me to have given anything. So, definitely below two. Okay. I'm going to give it a two and not for any reasonable reason simply because several sequences in this, especially when they're getting into this. Shelter looked exactly like fifties, educational films. Okay.
0:49:19: Except for her break in the water bottle that All played, like some of the 50s, like duck and cover sort of films. So, which was probably intentional because they've seen that sort of thing recently. Right. So, um, yeah, that would have been all, I mean, yeah, it wouldn't have been out of the ordinary at all for people to imagine themselves in this situation back then. Right. Right. So it gets a two for my personal association with goofy films. Okay.
0:49:48: Um As we're wrapping up, what's up in your universe, I guess it is now late March, if I remember correctly, late March, late March, it's late March.
0:49:59: Okay. Um, well, my name is Andrew. Once again, my friends and I make movies and we will call ourselves gone terrific. Gonzo R I F F I C. Um I was recently interviewed, published interview from a Voyage A T Elle magazine and just kind of talking about what we do and why we do it. Um At this point, we are planning some movies that we're going to film this year. And also I'm working on my first book. And so all of that's kind of in the mix. I can say this. I will be returning to Knoxville, Tennessee first weekend of June to film another movie with the crew that was in the movie three hole punch that currently found on our jug saw Blu Ray.
0:50:45: So you can buy that physical copies of gondor effect dot com. You can also stream stream our movie Bad Girl Dracula on the reverie um streaming site R E V E R Y R movie. Goodbye Dali, which you are in, it was called Dollface when we made it um that is available on streaming on PLEX streaming service. And last, and this is kind of new uh if you have to be to you be I streaming service that has everything.
0:51:14: They now also have gone terrific. We did episode two, I believe it was of a show called found footage the series and that was actually made during the pandemic. The vaccine was not out yet. So it's a true pandemic movie.
0:51:30: It's called Stop Copying Me.
0:51:34: I'll copy if I feel like it not copying my butt.
0:51:40: This is time enough pod. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter under that name on Patreon. You can support us at podcast audio podcast where we do a bunch of other podcasts coming soon. We've been doing sci fi films were changing the formula a bit and we're going to look at the top 100 bottom 100 films as rated on IMDB with rename of the podcast being uh films and filth the Citizen Kane of podcasting. But uh yeah, so if you want to hear some really good movies, some really bad movies that's starting in April. Um the first two just to give you a taste. Uh Number one is the Kurosawa Film film. Number 2 2001 is Space Travesty with Leslie Nielsen.
0:52:27: So we'll see how, how quickly this drives us nuts. What did I say? I own?
0:52:34: At least if not a half of the bottom 100 a good portion of the bottom one.
0:52:40: And so far you're the only one to claim bottom 100 ones, which I think, I mean, if we do end up covering like everything that's on that list or whatever. I mean, if it ends up, I've got to cover most of them, like, watch one that I maybe haven't seen. I'm, I'm into it. I'll even watch one of those Larry, the cable guy things or one of those, like, Kirk Cameron thing. I'll do it right. Yeah. Oh, yeah, we got, the camera is definitely somewhere. I think it comes up twice.
0:53:08: It might be the later I think, I think it's a 2020 16 or 14 left behind us. That's on the bottom 100 list, which I think is one. Nicolas cage shows up. Yeah. Cage did that one. Yeah, because you've got his wicker man on there too. Which is fabulous. Yes. Okay. Well, anyway, I'm gonna go ahead to my shelter. Don't follow me. I'm not going to, man, I'm going to go into my conversation. Pit.
0:53:53: Hi, moves backwards. I get older and younger than I see.
0:53:57: I don't always like the things I observe that I don't claim to be the truth but will speak the truth that I know.
0:54:06: There's no reason for things I see, but just like grow the business world's got too many old great men.
0:54:14: The pharmacy has become a prescription.
0:54:18: Capitalism has got completely bonkers when the name of the game is Divide and Conquer.
0:54:40: Entertainment puts your awareness to sleep.
0:54:44: Public opinion is great.
0:54:46: If you're a sheep, they've got the abundance in the world to control there are forces vying for the labor in yourself.
0:54:56: Cops, the henchman, banking inflates and his savings away.
0:55:03: The governments are cabals, organized crime.
0:55:07: Official histories of distortion of time.
0:55:28: Trendsetters Manipulate one Culture has paid agents of change as vultures.
0:55:36: This is not a rehearsal.
0:55:38: This is your wake up call.
0:55:40: Emerge from your dog out as we go stage your breakout.
0:55:45: A typhoon from out of nowhere breaks the walls.