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The Howling Man (w/ Ashley V. Robinson)

Season 2, Episode 5: Gotta give the Devil his due.

Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room (w/ Tilly and Susan Bridges)

Season 2, Episode 3: What is he so nervous about? We've got some ideas - did Rod Serling not just manage "proto-feminism," but also "proto-trans?"

The Man in the Bottle (w/ Charlynn Schmidt)

Season 2, Episode 2: Is it prejudice to be wary of men in bottles? How about being wary of Der Fuhrer?

King Nine Will Not Return (w/ Mark Malek)

Season Two, Episode One: They probably had to cancel "King Nine" to make room for the second season of the Twilight Zone.

Season One Wrap-Up

Matt Comegys, Mark Malek, and Andrew Shearer have a look back at season one of the Twilight Zone.

A World of His Own (w/ Lindsey Scharmyn)

Season 1, Episode 36: Why make friends when you can invent your own?

The Mighty Casey (w/ Andrew Shearer)

Season 1, Episode 35: Two dudes who love shooting baskets on the soccer court talk about making touchdowns in baseball.

The After Hours (w/ Jessica Lynn Verdi)

Season 1, Episode 34: Watch out behind you - it could be a personnequin.

Tommy Tells Tales From His Own Twilight Zone (w/ Tommy Chong)

The plan was to do an episode, but technical hijinks ensued and we just decided to go whatever the winds blew us. I think it worked out for the best. Of course, we g...

A Passage for Trumpet (w/ Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley)

Season 1, Episode 32: Put a little Klugman in your heart.

The Chaser (w/ Luke Summerhayes)

Season 1, Episode 31: If you're looking for a bit of love advice, this is probably not the place to look for it.

A Stop at Willoughby (w/ John Champion)

Season 1, Episode 30: Seriously - if you want to take a stop at Willoughby, wait five minutes. And if you still want to, call a friend or a hotline and make sure it'...

Nightmare as a Child (w/ Andrew Shearer)

Season 1, Episode 29: One, two, Markie's coming for you.

A Nice Place to Visit (w/ Mark Malek)

Season 1, Episode 28: But you wouldn't want to Biff there. So make like a tree and get outta here!

The Big Tall Wish (w/ Amisha Harding)

Season 1, Episode 27: A deep episode that leads to some deep conversation about race relations and the scars we all carry.Amisha is working on a home on the web, but s...

Execution (w/ Luke Summerhayes)

Season 1, Episode 26: You say you want an execution? Well, you know, we all want to change the world.

Planet of the Apes (from "Matt and Luke's Sci-Fi Sanctuary")

Double dose of space travel this week with Roddy McDowell and Rod Serling.

People Are Alike All Over (w/ Henrique Couto)

Season 1, Episode 25: Roddy McDowell is an astronaut who crash lands on a planet where everything is not what it seems. Wait, what?!

Long Live Walter Jameson (w/ Juan Ayala)

Season 1, Episode 24: You may live a long life, but is it a good life?

A World of Difference (w/ John Champion)

Season 1, Episode 23: Ever have trouble distinguishing which of your realities are fact and which are fiction?

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street (w/ Jessica Lynn Verdi)

Season 1, Episode 22: Ain't nothing like a little unhinged paranoia to really get the neighborhood BBQ rolling.

Mirror Image (w/ Andrew Shearer)

Season 1, Episode 21: I once spotted my doppelganger near Taos, New Mexico. He was eating a ham.

Elegy (w/ Mark Malek)

Season 1, Episode 20: Future Earthlings find a past Earth that is frozen. Where's this gonna go?

The Purple Testament (w/ Juan Ayala)

Season 1, Episode 19: War is hell. Especially when you get to see the wall coming down around you.

The Last Flight (w/ Ashley Victoria Robinson)

Season 1, Episode 18: Be wary of those white clouds. They'll make you time travel.

The Fever (w/ Mark Malek)

Season 1, Episode 17: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But C'mon... a walking talking slot machine?! Gotta tell folks about that if it doesn't kill you first.

The Hitch-Hiker (w/ Luke Summerhayes)

Season 1, Episode 16: Why doesn't anyone hitch-hike anymore?

I Shot an Arrow Into the Air (w/ Andrew Shearer)

Season 1, Episode 15: I shot an arrow into the air - where it landed, I don't ding-dang care.